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AutoglasSolutions® Express® Auto Glass Removal Tool

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Equalizer® Express®
36-volt cordless

Equalizer Express 24-volt cordless
Equalizer® Express®
18-volt cordless

Equalizer Express 18-volt cordless
Equalizer® Express® 360 120-volt AC
Equalizer Express 120-volt AC
NEW  Equalizer® Express® Stingray®
Equalizer Express Pneumatic
Equalizer® Express® Pneumatic
Equalizer Express Pneumatic
Equalizer® Express® Replacement Blades Equalizer Express Replacement Blades

Donovan Trana, owner of AutoglasSolutions® has, after more than 2 decades of first hand experience in the industry, invented and patented several auto glass tools that allow for faster and safer methods of replacing and repairing auto glass! Featured below is the 36 volt version of our flagship tool, The Express® Auto Glass Removal Tool!  To the right, you can check out the 18 volt, 120 volt(AC), and Pneumatic versions.  Choose your “weapon” and win the removal war with the Express® Auto Glass Removal Tool!

In the auto glass replacement industry, time is money and the Express® Tools are the fastest tools in the world to safely and effectively remove bonded auto glass. Express Auto Glass Removal Tool…now the removal part of the job, is the easy part of the job! Order yours TODAY

Equalizer® Express® 36-volt cordlessAutoglasSolutions is pleased to announce the NEW Equalizer® Express® StingRay® 120-Volt autoglass cutout knife starting at just $394.95!

Like the legendary Stingray Corvette, Equalizer StingRay™ has high torque, fast acceleration and a top end speed that is faster than any of our other Express® tools. The plunger floats on a series of ball bearings and the blade is driven by a floating pin bearing system. This allows all the power of the StingRay™ to be pushed directly to the blade. The ergonomic design gives you a comfortable, natural grip. The low profile of the handle gives you clearance no matter which direction you are cutting. A rotating speed control gives a wide range of speeds from 500 to 3000 strokes per minute.

The Equalizer® Express® StingRay™ 120-Volt Standard Kit Standard Kit comes with one BFE1400 blade, one instructional DVD, one pair of safety glasses, and a handy carrying case.

Exclusively From AutoglasSolutions®... MONEY SAVING BUNDLES!

Why buy a ‘Bundle’? First of all, it saves you a bundle…$15-30 off on the ‘must have’ assortment of tools! We’ve cut the price compared to individual part pricing and included all the necessary items you will need to make your Express Tool Removal experience work! We’ve added an extra standard blade and two more long blades that are a ‘must have’ for many applications. The cutting lubricant, 2 quart pump sprayer and the Express Tool Sharpener, all help make the removal process go smoothly and efficiently. You and your tool will last longer with proper lubrication and a sharp blade! Buying these items in a bundle saves you shipping, by not having to order them in the future! Buy the bundle, and save a bundle of money…and time!

Click Here To Buy AutoglasSolutions® Express BladesAutoglasSolutions® Express Blades

The AutoglasSolutions® Express blade was developed from daily use on hundreds of different vehicles. It is made of specially formulated steel that is hardened and then tempered using a cold molecular aligning process.

Each blade will easily remove over 50 windshields when used according to directions.

Yes, we know it is all about doing the job right -- using the proper urethane, holding the vehicle until the urethane is cured. We agree with all those things. But it's still about time! It's about getting the job done quickly and correctly and moving on to the next job. Now you can concentrate on all the other things. With the Equalizer® Express® auto glass removal tool the removal part is now the easy part. The Equalizer® Express® is designed to cut through the toughest urethane.

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